About Savary Island

Savary is about 7km long and between half a kilometer and just over a kilometer wide. The island is populated by deer and eagles and no predators.  Children and adults roam free on dirt and sand paths.  We are an island of about 75 people year round and nearing 3000 in the summer.

Clams, oysters crab, prawns and salmon encircle the island and every beach has its own Niche...you can see 50 people playing games and skimboarding or have a whole beach to yourself.  Basically, it's a choose your own adventure.


Savary Island can be accessed by float plane or via the Lund water taxi ($11 per person).  The water taxi takes about 7 minutes and leaves from Lund, a small harbour town 25 kms north of Powell River, BC.

Lund is 2 ferry rides from Vancouver (the 2nd ferry is free). Leaving Vancouver at 7:20 a.m gets you to Lund around noon.

If coming from Vancouver Island, take the ferry from Comox/Courtenay to Powell River.

Escape to THE CASTLE

1544 Vancouver Boulevard, Savary Island BC, V0N 2G0

TEL: 604.816.6699

EMAIL: colinhartshorne@hotmail.com